adopt a hydrant m and put a hydrant marker or hydrant flag on it!
Every hydrant needs
someone to love!

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"Adopting" a Hydrant is a great way to get the community involved in helping with fire safety
and hydrant maintenance. Many towns have set up programs where a person or company
adopts a hydrant or hydrants. Blocks can get together and "Adopt" every hydrant on the block!

They take pride in "their" hydrant and make it look nice, and you can set up the program anytime!
Hy-Viz Markers can be provided with paint to paint the hydrants, with sprinkler caps for the summer,
leaf bags in the fall, or with reminders to shovel out hydrants in the winter!

We can set up a program where when a hydrant is adopted, a Hy-Viz Marker is installed.
This will help pay for the marker while promoting a great community based relationship!
We even supply free "Adoption Certificates!", flyers and more!

Below is a sample of a webpage we can set up for you.
All you need is to provide us with some of the details, and we can do the rest!

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If you would like information on starting your own Adopt-a-hydrant program E-Mail us!

Hy-Viz would like to welcome everyone from Tewksbury !

... We are so very happy you are interested in adopting a hydrant!
( you can supply us with your patch or town seal, or we can scan it for you!)

Hi! I am Hy-Dee!
I am here from Hy-Viz to tell you about adopting a hydrant!
Adopting a hydrant is easy and fun!
It is a great way to help out your local firefighters, keep your hydrant
healthy, and that keeps YOU and your neighbors safe!

With your adopted hydrant you also get a Hy-Viz Hydrant marker so your
hydrant will have a year-round buddy to keep it company - and since he is nice and tall, firefighters can see the hydrant better in any condition !
All year round- day or night- during rain, snow, fog
- even when a car parks in front of it or it is covered with snow!

Being a fire hydrant is boring, but they have a very important job and need your help! During summer, please keep an eye on me so nobody
vandalizes me or opens my caps. Make sure no one parks in front of me or piles rubbish up against me!

Even with your Hy-Viz hydrant marker standing guard, they need your help -they have a tendency to suffer from claustrophobia! Always keep a 3-foot space around me free of snow, shrubbery and weeds.

By doing so, you can ensure your adopted hydrant will be able to assist firefighters when they need them most!

This is a sample - you can completely write what you want or use this!

If your hydrant - or ANY hydrant - should "catch a cold and begin to cry or develop a runny nose", call city hall as soon as possible, as this may be fatal. (Frozen fire hydrants are of no value to anyone!).

If you follow these basic guidelines,
I will be ready to serve you and the community faithfully in the time of need.

Adopting a hydrant is EASY!
After you contact the fire department or fill out our "adoption papers"
You even get an "adoption certificate"
A Hy-Viz Hydrant marker (installed FOR you!)
Pride in taking part of your community.
You simply "keep a look out" for the hydrant and marker,
keeping the hydrant clear of obstructions & the marker nice and straight.

This is a sample - you can completely write what you want or use this! For example you may allow people to paint their hydrants, if so we would provide that information, painting tips etc...
If you would like information on starting your own Adopt-a-hydrant program E-Mail us!
Below is what hydrant marker and plan Tewskbury MA. has chosen to go with, of course you can chose your own marker style, plan "adoption fee" etc...!

The Tewksbury Fire Department has partnered with us to bring fiberglass hydrant markers to the community.  They have chosen markers with "Patriot Banding" for use in Tewksbury.

Some features of the markers:
Stainless steel rust proof spring.
Stainless steel rust proof mount.
Red/White/Blue reflective banding.
All markers handmade in the U.S.A to your needs!

These highly reflective hydrant markers will allow hydrants to be visible,
day or night, from a great distance. The markers will also help locate snow covered hydrants during the winter months, and tree and shrub obstructed hydrants during the warmer months.
Best of all, your adopted hydrant will look great year after year!

Patriot banding at night!

Stainless Ring Mounts and Springs!

Below is what hydrant marker and plan Tewskbury MA. has chosen to go with, of course you can chose your own marker style,
plan "adoption fee" etc. The adoption forms go to samples, the credit card links however are real, so you can click them, and you can see the secure commerce server.

Here's how the program works:
  • A resident or business will purchase a hydrant marker for  $14.99 by either sending a check or money order payable to
    The Tewksbury Fire Department, c/o: Adopt A Hydrant Program, or by coming into a neighborhood fire station and
    completing a brief Adopt A Hydrant Form. ( click for sample form)

    Tewksbury Fire Department
     c/o: Adopt a Hydrant Program
    21 Town Hall Avenue
    Tewksbury, MA

  • You may also purchase your marker online directly from Hy-Viz Inc.
    Secure Credit card link using PayPal

    Don't forget to complete the Adopt A Hydrant Form. ( click for sample form) ) and
    E-mail it to Firefighter Rick Hamm

  • The resident or business will provide us with the nearest street address
    (i.e.. in front of 123 Main Street) of the hydrant they wish to adopt at the time payment is sent.
  • Once a group of orders have been placed, the Fire Department will locate the adopted hydrants and place the markers on them.
  • In the event that there are multiple requests for marking the same hydrant, we will place the marker on one
    of the many critical hydrants that we have in town that may be overlooked.
  • We will notify residents or businesses of our placement once the marker is installed

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23a Vreeland Street Lodi, NJ 07644

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If you would like information on starting your own Adopt-a-hydrant program E-Mail us!

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