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"From the best hydrant markers, come the best driveway markers- that STAND OUT all year long!" - Nancy

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Combining the perfect low profile height with a High-Reflective Band,
Hy-Viz is pleased to introduce, Night Spikes for your with Driveway, Sidewalk & Obstacle marking!

These markers are the perfect touch for long driveways, sidewalks
or just to highlight your yard, work area, danger areas, pond outlines anywhere!

Construction Details:

"Super- Sized" 6-inch banding shown!

Eight Inch Solid Pultrusion Rods
One Three Inch wide Highly Reflective band in your choice of colors!
( Red, White, Blue, Yellow or Orange! )
Vinyl Cap

Want more Impact?
them and get a
Foot long spike with a SIX inch reflective band!

The same quality bands that we use in our hydrant markers!

...we can even mix and match colors!

Set of SIX Spike Markers For only $6.99
Shop Online now on our secure server!

These are the perfect alternative for places where you
don't want higher driveway markers.

They stay neat, straight and are always VERY
bright under any condition!!

Email us with your color choices & quantities today!

Another bright idea from....
Hy-Viz Inc. -Women owned, Family Run--We care!
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